6 Points You Can Find Why Your Hot Water Not Working

Why Hot Water Not Working Let’s Find Our The Reasons

Why Hot Water Not Working? – Bathing is an experience but what if your geyser stops working and you are clueless wandering about possible reasons behind it. Now no need to worry we are here to share some of the major reasons and solutions for your geyser issue.

Hot Water Repair Service
Hot Water Repair Service

Read All Six Points Carefully Why Hot Water Not Working?

  • Gas Supply Issue

    Continuous gas supply is necessary for the working of your geyser. If your water heater is working properly and still there is no hot water then quickly check your gas supply, if the switch is on. Keep your water heater on the pilot mode and check the pilot light by removing the cover around it.
  • Damaged High-Temperature MCB Switch

    High-Temperature MCB Switch is responsible for auto-shutdown of geyser if the temperature inside crossed the optimum temperature mark. If it’s not working properly, you might see that your hot water system isn’t operating well. To fix it by yourself, open the switch and push the button. Once you have done that, you might hear a “click” sound. It indicates that your hot water system starts getting power. If there’s no power in the geyser, it means that high-temperature cutoff is broken and you need to replace it.
  • Gas Leak

    Why Hot Water Not Working – Gas is colourless and produces no smells. A different kind of gas is added into geyser gas to help us notice gas leaks. Because of this geyser gas tends to smell like rotten eggs or sulphur when there is a leak in your geyser. Check if the same smell is present around your unit, quickly lock the gas valve. Now switch off the gas valve by giving it a push downwards. If your gas valve is broken, you should replace it by calling some professionals.
  • Broken Heating Elements

    When your geyser gets old, it starts showing issues. The most common issue that you may find is that its heating elements aren’t working properly. If there’s an issue with it, you may need to replace it by switching it off. 
  • Defective Thermostat

    A thermostat in an electric water heater controls the lower and upper heating elements. A poor thermostat causes a hot water problem. Your hot water will not get desirable hot if the lower thermostat is not working properly. It’s best to fix your thermostat by calling our skilled plumbers.
  • Flooding Compartment

    Flooded compartments are a headache, it signifies that leaking water has filled in your geyser’s compartment. Stop using the geyser in this situation because if the water reaches the thermostat it can be very dangerous. Quickly call an expert for resolving the issue, it is not something you should ignore.

Get Your Geyser Fixed by Our Expert Plumbers

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